Using SNAT inverter Mode 1 for Solar

SNAT inverter has 3 modes, mode3 is basically used for solar power system and mode1 is used for UPS function. I have been using this inverter for more than a month on my home solar power setup and used it on mode3. But this mode 3 have some problems when using the inverters built-in ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch). This is the function where it automatically gets power to the grid when the battery gets very low.

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My Home Solar Power project

I have been experimenting on solar power for years but it is only recently I decided to go full speed and spent big. I want to share this project so anyone who want to DIY their home solar power project can follow.

Our country has the most expensive electricity rate in the whole south east asia so, investing in solar power is a no brainer. Sure it is a bit expensive but ROI is only around 3-4years if you do it yourself.

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Understanding Battery Balancing – is it important?

In the world of electronics, nothing is created equal. This is also applicable to batteries. A 10AH (ampere-hour) rated battery is not exactly 10AH in actual. This variation on capacity is a big problem when connecting battery in series because the battery with least capacity will be the first to full charge and full discharge. This is where you need a battery balancing circuit.

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DIY Simple Cheap Automatic Solar backup power system for 12V System

Simple version using relay board

Solar power is a renewable energy from the sun. But there are times that is raining for several days and during those days, our solar power might not be sufficient for our needs. On this project we will create an automatic solar backup power system to automatically connect to the AC grid when the battery level gets very low.

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Adafruit oled library problem Workaround

My latest project includes an OLED display with 128×64 resolution and 1.3inch size. In search for a library, I found Adafruit oled libray problem. The display does not seem to work with this library. Upon doing some research, I gave up and do this work around instead.

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Control Electric Fan with Nodemcu thru Wifi Internet Browser

Nowadays, more and more devices are being connected to internet. It allows us to smart control. On this project I will show how you can control your electric fan using an internet browser on you phone or PC. This is very simple project you can build.

This is how you will connect the relay board to the electric fan. You basically connect it to the level switch to the relay board. The color coding may not be standard and might be different on your electric fan. There are usually a wiring diagram beneath the electric fan itself. you might want to check it first.
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