Connecting TV tuner to Honda Mobilio V / BRV S 2017/2018/2019

I have been trying to figure out how to connect the TVplus on my mobilio and I have hard time looking for the audio input of my head unit. I even tried opening it to see the PCB if it has some markings but failed. There is no clue inside and it is impossible to trace the connection since it uses 4-layers or more PCB.

Head units PCB – no labels and it uses 4 layer(or more) PCB so it’s impossible to trace.

The Concept

Since I gave up looking for the audio input, I have opt for a simple solution: use an FM transmitter for audio input instead. Simple but it works!

For the video input, since I am also using a reverse camera, I will be using a relay to switch the video between camera and TVplus. The diode 1n4001 is used to prevent the relay to turn on when you switch on the TV. In this configuration, the reverse camera will automatically connects to the head unit when you reverse.

Take note that I put “optional?” on the connection of the trigger. This is because the video input still works even without that connection. I will confirm this on my next attempt to install the tv receiver.

For the relay, I used relay with part number “LT-12G” bought from alexan. It is a SPDT 12V relay. For now, I only hook the 12V power supply from the cigarette lighter port.




I will be making another video for installing the wiring and mounting the tv receiver. Please subscribe to get updated.

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Cheap Power Supply from china

I recently bought a 12v switch mode power supply(SMPS) from an online store. This claims capable of delivering up to 10A 120W and it only cost around 400 pesos. The brand is Biglite and it is not popular.

But is it really worth it to buy this kind of cheap power supply? Out from the box is a very light weight power supply.

But looking inside gives us a clue why it is so cheap…

It lacks EMI filter which is a must for SMPS. It also lacks fuse and it uses a resistor instead. 

It uses an IC Tm5101 for its controller. 

Is it worth it? Yes because you get what you pay for. But be careful on using it because it lacks fuse and EMI filter. This is not safe to use in general

Fixing Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 Freezing problem

We have encountered an unusual problem on our Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 that we purchased 2nd hand. The mixer freezes after several minutes of use. The meters will freeze but controls are still functional. There is no sound output when the mixer freezes. I research for this problem and it turns out that I am not alone and this problem is a known issue to this model.

After some research I found some people that sharing how they fix the problem. 1 of them said that downgrading the firmware can solve the problem. I have tried this solution even though this means downgrading my MAC OS which is not an easy task and it will take some time to install older MAC OS on my laptop. Unfortunately this solution did not work for me. Other solution is to replace the DSP or Power supply board but this will cost much and shipping to Philippines isn’t cheap so I didn’t tried it.

Finally one shared that the freezing problem was fixed by simply adding fan. This seems an easy to do fix so I gave it a try. I have a small fan installed and tap the power to the external lamp power output of the mixer which is capable of delivering 12V 500mA which is more than enough to power a small fan. This works well and freezing problem was fix with a little issue…. There is an audible fan noise on the output. This is because I have connected the fan to the external Lamp supply of the mixer which is designed to power LEDs. So to fix this problem, I have used a separate power supply for the fan.


The fan with 100 ohms resistor and 1000uf capacitor for additional filter and to decrease the speed of the fan(because the fan is a bit noisy).


12V Power supply of the fan is a simple center tap transformer with 2 diodes and 1000uf capacitor.

Holes made a little bit bigger for the fan.

Now the mixer is working fine. 🙂


This seems to work for few months only. The problem does appear again after some time. 🙁

Connecting Reverse Camera for Honda Mobilio V or BRV S Philippines

Here’s a simple instruction on how to connect a reverse camera on the honda mobilio V variant and Honda BRV S variant.

You need to tap the trigger to the reverse lights positive. This will trigger the video input of the head unit and power up the camera also.

What You need

1 pin female dupont wires

Female RCA connector

Reversing camera set

All these materials can be easily bought online at lazada or shopee. 🙂

Below is the connection of the reverse camera to the head unit of Mobilio V variant or BRV S variant.


How to remove head unit


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Simple Current Sensor for Arduino and PIC

Last time I have posted a simple Current sensor for Arduino using only a resistor here in this post. But there are some problems on this kind of simple circuit and they are 1)  very lossy due to the big voltage drop on the resistor 2) if you decrease the voltage drop on the resistor, it will decrease the resolution 3) There is a significant voltage drop on the load at higher load current which is not good. The allegro current sensor ACS7xx series is a good alternative but it cost too much for my project so I search for another option.  Then I found this ZXCT1008 that is just right for my application.

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Cheap Rearview Mirror Camera Teardown

Last December I just bought a rear view dash camera for my car as a Christmas present to my self. It was on sale and is cheap so I purchased it immediately. Because of my excitement I just tested it for just a few seconds and confirmed that it is working ok. My biggest mistake was I thrown the box and receipt already before finding out that this unit has defects. 🙁

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