Connecting TV tuner to Honda Mobilio V / BRV S 2017/2018/2019

I have been trying to figure out how to connect the TVplus on my mobilio and I have hard time looking for the audio input of my head unit. I even tried opening it to see the PCB if it has some markings but failed. There is no clue inside and it is impossible to trace the connection since it uses 4-layers or more PCB.

Head units PCB – no labels and it uses 4 layer(or more) PCB so it’s impossible to trace.

The Concept

Since I gave up looking for the audio input, I have opt for a simple solution: use an FM transmitter for audio input instead. Simple but it works!

For the video input, since I am also using a reverse camera, I will be using a relay to switch the video between camera and TVplus. The diode 1n4001 is used to prevent the relay to turn on when you switch on the TV. In this configuration, the reverse camera will automatically connects to the head unit when you reverse.

Take note that I put “optional?” on the connection of the trigger. This is because the video input still works even without that connection. I will confirm this on my next attempt to install the tv receiver.

For the relay, I used relay with part number “LT-12G” bought from alexan. It is a SPDT 12V relay. For now, I only hook the 12V power supply from the cigarette lighter port.




I will be making another video for installing the wiring and mounting the tv receiver. Please subscribe to get updated.

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