4Ch Mini Stereo Headphone Mixer

4 channel stereo headphone mini mixer 3d render

Here is a simple stereo headphone mixer that can be used for monitoring and mixing 2 sources. A very helpful device for online streaming. How? For example you are playing a keyboard on a band in an online stream and using a headphone as monitor. You can use this to mix the headphone output of you keyboard and headphone output of the streaming mixer so you can hear more of your keyboard.

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Arduino controlled bass mid treble and input selector with tda7419

If you are looking to control your audio with arduino, here’s it is. It uses TDA7419 chip which has a lot of features for controlling your audio. It has 4 input selector, bass control, mid control, treble control, loudness control and a built-in 7 band spectrum analyzer.

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Cheap DIY USB Audio interface for online streaming

In this new normal, most people shift to online content like seminars, meetings and specially churches.

Here is my current project designed to give you better audio for online streaming. It is basically a link to your analog mixer to your computer. It is also known as USB audio interface. What made it different to other products in the market is the integration of sliding fader for better volume control. For church online streaming, you have big volume difference between the band performing and the pastor preaching, the sliding fader makes it easy for such volume adjustments.

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Understanding Battery Balancing – is it important?

In the world of electronics, nothing is created equal. This is also applicable to batteries. A 10AH (ampere-hour) rated battery is not exactly 10AH in actual. This variation on capacity is a big problem when connecting battery in series because the battery with least capacity will be the first to full charge and full discharge. This is where you need a battery balancing circuit.

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DIY Simple Cheap Automatic Solar backup power system for 12V System

Simple version using relay board

Solar power is a renewable energy from the sun. But there are times that is raining for several days and during those days, our solar power might not be sufficient for our needs. On this project we will create an automatic solar backup power system to automatically connect to the AC grid when the battery level gets very low.

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500W Amplifier from Eliot Sound Products

I wanted to build this project a long time ago but I have no time to do it. Today I decide to make a PCB design for it. Unfortunately I do not have any time to make the actual prototype. I will post my design so that anyone can build their own prototype.

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