Cheap DIY USB Audio interface for online streaming

In this new normal, most people shift to online content like seminars, meetings and specially churches.

Here is my current project designed to give you better audio for online streaming. It is basically a link to your analog mixer to your computer. It is also known as USB audio interface. What made it different to other products in the market is the integration of sliding fader for better volume control. For church online streaming, you have big volume difference between the band performing and the pastor preaching, the sliding fader makes it easy for such volume adjustments.

What is USB Audio Interface?

An USB Audio interface is basically an audio link to your computer through USB. It converts analog audio signal into digital and vice versa. It can be used to connect your guitar to you computer for recording purposes.

About the Circuit

The circuit uses TI’s PCM2902 chip that can also be found on Behringer’s Xenyx mixers. The circuit is powered via USB power. It also has a headphone output so you can connect your headphone.

3D render