TDA7419 Project (Bluetooth + spectrum analyzer + bass mid treble volume control)

Here is a simple circuit that have 7 band spectrum analyzer, bass mid treble and volume controls and input selector. This TDA7419 project is intended for bluetooth speaker project.

TDA7419 project – spectrum analyzer, bass mid treble, volume, input selector

TDA7419 Project Overview

The heart of the circuit is the TDA7419 for controlling the audio signal. It can be able to adjust bass, mid, and treble frequency, volume control, it also have an input select and a subwoofer signal output. It also have 7 band spectrum analyzer output. This makes a good candidate for bluetooth speaker project.

The controller is a PIC18F24k40 microcontroller from PIC which is a bit overkill for this project. My original plan is to use BD37033 chip and use an FFT function to display the spectrum analyzer, that is why I chose the PIC18f24k40 but unfortunately I was not able to make the BD37033 function as intended. I already experiment on the I2c register values but was not able to make it work. I already have emailed the manufacturer of this chip but was not able to get reply from them.

Because of the reason I said above, I have decided to use the TDA7419 instead for this project. I already have used it before in a project I have posted in this website so I have no trouble making it work in this project.

Schematic Diagram:

The display is a 7×7 SMD LEDs which is cheaper than using an LCD. The audio bluetooth module is a cheap board that I bought from shopee.

Video DEMO:

Here is the youtube video demo of the project. Please subscribe! 🙂


You can download the PIC18F24k40 program from the download page


TDA7419 datasheet