500W Amplifier from Eliot Sound Products

I wanted to build this project a long time ago but I have no time to do it. Today I decide to make a PCB design for it. Unfortunately I do not have any time to make the actual prototype. I will post my design so that anyone can build their own prototype.

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2SC5200 2SA1943 Simple Amplifier

If you love to build audio amplifier then you must be familiar with 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 power transistors. They are one of the most used power transistors for power audio amplifiers. While looking for a next project, I found this simple layout on the internet so I decided to make my own version with some few improvements.

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Audio Limiter Circuit

A good way to protect your speaker from overloading is by using a limiter circuit. This circuit protects your speaker by limiting the input signal to the amplifier by a certain level.

This circuit uses an IC from New Japan Radio Inc. It is NJM2761 which is specially designed for limiting audio signals. It is designed for powered speaker system to protect the speaker from overloading.

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Super Bass Booster

Here’s a simple circuit you can use to boost more bass from your music. It can be powered by 9V battery or a 12V DC adapter. Take note that this is just basically a 1 band tone control with +- 17dB range at 60Hz bass frequency. You need it to connect before the amplifier input. This can’t be connected directly to speaker. The output of this circuit will be connected to the input of your amplifier and the input of this circuit will be connected to your audio source(i.e. mp3 player).

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Simple Guitar Headphone amplifier with overdrive and aux input

Here’s a simple guitar headphone guitar amplifier project that you can use for practicing. The headphone amplifier uses a LM386 that can be able output up to 0.7W than can be use also for small speakers. It also has an auxiliary input that can be used to connect your phone or an MP3 player for you to jam and play along with the song you are playing. It has a simple built-in overdrive channel.


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