Simple Excel Macro for Raffle Draw

I case you want to automate the raffle draw and get away from messy raffle draw using papers, here’s simple way to do it. It is made with Excel macro and doesn’t require installing the program. I originally made this to automate our church raffle draw and I think it is nice to share it with you.

How it Works

The program works by generating a random number usign VB rand() function. I will then match the generated number to the cell location of the name. It also search if the name already exist on the winner list. It the name already on the list of winners, it will draw another winner.

Function for generating random number:

Function rand_num(max As Integer) As Integer
Dim Low As Double
Dim High As Double
Low = 2 ‘ Minimum number
High = max ‘Maximum number
r = Int((High – Low + 1) * Rnd() + Low)
rand_num = r
End Function


Download the Excel file: