Adafruit oled library problem Workaround

My latest project includes an OLED display with 128×64 resolution and 1.3inch size. In search for a library, I found Adafruit oled libray problem. The display does not seem to work with this library. Upon doing some research, I gave up and do this work around instead.


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Just in case you also encountered this problem on Adafruits OLED library for arduino.
Here is a simple work around:
I have no time debugging this library so I searched for other library that is working.

to get the library
goto tools -> library manager
and search for U8GLib

install this library.
and now goto examples -> U8Glib and select a project
for this example we will use Graphics Test
You need to comment out the display module first to make it working
On my case it is SSD1036_128x64 I2C model
Make sure also that you are using the correct I2C address
You can now program your device.

This library is perfectly working and it has some examples to play with. Have fun!