Using SNAT inverter Mode 1 for Solar

SNAT inverter has 3 modes, mode3 is basically used for solar power system and mode1 is used for UPS function. I have been using this inverter for more than a month on my home solar power setup and used it on mode3. But this mode 3 have some problems when using the inverters built-in ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch). This is the function where it automatically gets power to the grid when the battery gets very low.

My biggest problem is when it transfers to grid power, the battery still discharges for some reason. This may be a design problem?

This inverter have a built in AC charger but it is not working for mode3. This only works on mode 1 which is grid priority mode.

The circuit above is basically a relay that connects the grid to the inverter when the load output of the solar charge controller turns off. The voltage level at which the load of the solar charge controller(SCC) turns off can be set via user mode of the SCC.


  • Set the LVD and LVD recovery voltage on the SCC. It is easier because there is no need to turn off the inverter.
  • No more beep sound when it change from battery to grid power