Piano lesson 2 – Piano chords

In the first lesson, we learned the keys of the piano. On this lesson we will now learn the basic chords on a piano. There are 12 basic chords(also known as “triads” because it is composed of 3 notes) in a piano. Chords in piano are the same as in guitar. All chords of guitar has its own corresponding chords in piano. So if you already know how to play guitar then it will be easier for you to understand and learn this lesson. Below are the basic Majorchords of a piano. Don’t be confused with the chords with “/”, for example A#/Bb means that A# and Bb are just the same. You can use A# in replacement to Bb and vice versa.


Here are the minor chords. Now notice the difference between major and minor chords.



Can you notice the difference between a major and a minor chords? Minor and majorchords are almost the same. The only difference is the middle note. To have a minor chord, just move the middle note of the major chord to the left. There are hundreds of chords inthe piano(same as in guitar) but you only need to memorize the 12 mojor chords. All the other chords are just variations of the major chords. You just have tounderstand the principles. For example, I only know the 12 major chords but I know that when you move the middle note of the chord to the left you will get a minor chord. Now I can play minor chord without memorizing it. Other advanced chords such as Major 7th, Dominant 7th, augmented, suspended 4th, etc.. will be explained on the next lessons.