DMX controlled LED using Microcontroller

With the use of microcontrollers, designing a DMX512 controlled led lights is now easier. DMX512 stands for Digital Multiplex which was developed by  Engineering Commission of United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) way back in 1990’s. Way back in 90’s era, it takes hardwork to design a DMX controlled lights.

About the Circuit

The main controller is PIC16F1827 which has built-in 4 channel PWM so you can still add 1 channel on the design if you wish to. I just decided to use 3 channel for RED, GREEN and BLUE LED lights. The MAX481 IC is used as an interface for the DMX512 line to the microcontroller. There is a 6 pin connector that will connect to the panel which has 4 seven segment display and 4 buttons. Those signal are multiplex on the 4 data lines from the microcontroller. That is too complicated to explain and  I will not be sharing that circuit.


TIP122 is used to drive the LEDs. It is a darlington pair transistor. A heatsink is needed if you are driving a high power LED. This transistor can drive up to 2A LED.



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