Guitar Preamp Design

If you are a electronic hobbyist and at the same time a guitarist, this project is for you. I have seen many circuits of guitar preamp online but none of them gives you the PCB design and circuit simulations. I already made a version of this project years ago and it works. I also have included simulation files together with the eagle PCB files for you to download if you want to build this project. Take note that the capacitor sizes are not yet taken into account. You will need to edit some few capacitors like the C10 which will be bigger than it is on the board.

About the Circuit Design

The design is pretty standard and identical to what you see on standard guitar preamp today. Good news is I have included the simulation file in case you want to play with the component values to achieve your own response. It uses standard op-amp TL072, you can also use different general purpose op-amp such as NE5532 and the likes. Supply voltage can be from 9V – 15V DC.



PCB Design

I did a quick PCB design for those who want to build this project. To make it easy, the PCB used is 1 layer and all components are through hole. The size of the PCB is also little big, in fact you can still add a small amplifier circuit to it. You can download the PCB file on the download page so you can edit and add the amplifier on your own. Unfortunately I have no time to build this project but at least the circuit is working on simulation. The simulation file is also available for download.


Bottom Copper side






Download Page



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