Arduino programmer is not responding problem

Just recently I made a project with arduino nano and used my old working board. To my surprise I got an error that the programmer is not responding. After some debugging I found out that there is no problem on my wires or drivers. It looks like arduino just updated their bootloader with no backward compatibility. There is not option on the board “ATmega328P ( Old Bootloader)” but it doesn’t work.

So I decided to just re-program my arduino nano with the latest bootloader. The bootloader hex file can be found on the directory below:

To program, I used power debugger and connected it like below:

After I programmed the latest bootloader, my arduino is alive again. 🙂

The real problem here is that arduino updated their bootloader with no backward compatibility. The best fix is to program your arduino board with the latest firmware that you can find on the arduino folder on your program files directory. You can use any AVR programmer. You can also use your working arduino to program another arduino here: