2 Way Active Crossover with adjustable frequency

Most of the schematic design of active crossover on the internet are mostly with fixed crossover frequency. Here’s an interesting circuit that I found on Elliot Sound Products website. I learned a lot on this website when I was just a student. If you love to build sound products such as amplifiers and tone controls, you may already know about this website.

About the Circuit

There is nothing special about this circuit, if you want to know more about this circuit you can visit his website. I have added R5, R6 and C2 to make it work with single power supply, without it you will need to power this circuit with +12V and -12V supply.


As usual I love to simulate my circuit to make sure it is working. This saves me time debugging some mistakes on the design. The 2 crossover points on the graph are 0% and 100% setting of the potentiometer. Take note that the 2 potentiometers are ganged.

PCB Layout

I have made a simple layout although I have no plans to build this yet. I just want to share it with those people who want to build one but don’t know how to start. The layout is 2 layers made with eagle PCB. you can download the eagle software for free anyway.


Download page