100W Amplifier Project

Here’s a simple 100W amplifier project  that is based on Elliot Sound Products project posted on his website.

Simulation Circuit

For the simulation I used TIP32C and TIP33C for the power transistor because there is no available TIP36C and TIP 35C on simetrix. They are almost the same but the TIP36C and TIP35C is capable of handling more current thus capable of delivering more power.

Simulation Result


PCB Design

PCB design is done using kicad software. It is a free software. The PCB is only 1 layer so it will be easy for most DIYers out there.


  • The size of the 2200uf and 100uf capacitors on the layout are only assumed. Those capacitors comes with different sizes, depending on the manufacturers. Check the actual size first before making the board.
  • Capacitor voltages are 50V.

3D Render

3D render of the board with kicad built in 3D render.


You can use 25Vx2 10A transformer for the supply. The diode can be any rectifier diode rated at least 100V and 12A.


you can download the project on my download page below:

Download Page