Korg Nutube – vacuum tube sound in a smaller package

Vacuum tubes are now almost obsolete because they are huge and consumes more power than a typical transistor but many guitarist and audiophiles still prefers vacuum tubes over solid state amplifiers mainly because vacuum tubes have warmer sound. Korg now made a modern vacuum tube which is smaller and consumes less power. Now you can enjoy the vacuum tube sound with just using a battery, thanks to its lower current consumption.


The Korg Nutube has 2 6P1 vacuum tubes inside, ideal for stereo application.


Sample Basic Circuit:



Sample Application Designs by Korg:
these are designs by korg and not mine so I can’t give you any information’s about it.

Headphone amp

Guitar Amp

I was a little excited with this product until I saw the price tag at RS. This costs almost 2000 php per unit. It is a bit pricey. I am planning to build one in the future but it may take some time since it is too expensive. Not unless someone can sponsor the cost, it will take some time for me to finally build a project like this. 🙂


Korg NuTube Datasheet


Kor Nutube Website