Simple Current Sensor for Arduino and PIC

Last time I have posted a simple Current sensor for Arduino using only a resistor here in this post. But there are some problems on this kind of simple circuit and they are 1)  very lossy due to the big voltage drop on the resistor 2) if you decrease the voltage drop on the resistor, it will decrease the resolution 3) There is a significant voltage drop on the load at higher load current which is not good. The allegro current sensor ACS7xx series is a good alternative but it cost too much for my project so I search for another option.  Then I found this ZXCT1008 that is just right for my application.

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Arduino Controlled Bass Treble Volume and input Selector

Last time I have posted about how to control the LC75341 IC using arduino nano. And I also posted about how to modify the bass response of the LC75341 IC. This time I will be building a home amplifier for my TV, it will also feature a bluetooth reciever so that I can play via my phone.

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Simple Current Sensor for Arduino

There is actually a board that you can attach to arduino for measuring current but if you don’t need a very accurate measurement, you can use this very simple circuit. Usually a low resistance resistor is connected in series to the load. The voltage of the resistor is measured and divided to its resistance, the result will be current.

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Connecting Arduino Nano to 16×2 LCD

Connecting arduino to 16×2 LCD is very much easy compared to microchips PIC microcontrollers. This maybe because the arduino has lots of software library aimed for beginners. The program is easy to understand, I am sure you can be able to understand it even if you are still new to programming.

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Arduino based Guitar Effects

There are lots of arduino projects that you can find online. But this one caught my eye and I am excited to make my own copy. Since I also love guitars and programming, this is perfect for my next project. It uses Arduino Due as the main processor. This project is published by and you can buy the kit for £39.95(not including the arduino due).

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LC75341 tone control using arduino

LC75341 is a digitally controlled analog tone control for audio applications. You can control parameters such as Bass, Treble, Volume and gain through its digital serial data transfer. The data is a 40 bits wide, 8 bits for the address and the 32 bits is the controls data. It is very unusual and you cannot use the microcontrollers built in UART, I2C, etc. I can’t find anywhere on the internet any examples of programs to control this particular IC so I made one for myself. I want to share the code for anyone who want to build this kind of project. The code is simple and I will only share the part of the code that sends data control to the chip. It is up to you to modify it according to your needs.

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