Audio Distribution Amp Project

Audio distribution amplifier is used to connect 1 audio source to multiple amplifiers. The circuit design is simple, they are basically a buffer circuit, meaning they are a operational amplifier with a gain of 1.


The circuit below is configured for balanced output. For unbalanced output, just use the pin1 and pin2 of the output.



Unbalanced version

Below is the unbalanced version of the audio distribution amplifier. This is what you use if you intend to have an RCA output rather than XLR output. Unfortunately I have no PCB design as of the moment but you can use the balanced output version and leave the pin3 output unused.


For Component values, please refer to the simulation schematic. The schematic shown above is only for 1 channel. R32, R33, and R34 can be shorted.

PCB design

My first layout design is for 1 layer PCB only. This is for those who want to build their own. You can download the PCB design at the bottom of this page. I also have a 2 layer smaller version design which will be available soon.



It is always a good practice to simulate your circuit before building the prototype. The simulation model I used only has 2 outputs. Anyway it should be the same. The simulation is done on simetrix. It is a powerful simulation tool and it is free for non-profit use.


Sim result:

Transient simulation. input set to 1V 1kHz sine wave




Download the eagle files of this project here: Download page

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